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If corporations are people, at least make them interesting people ...


Writing copy is a conversation with your reader and a good conversation, offers information, entertainment, and leaves you wanting more. Whether it's for a product or a public service, the best way to catch someone's attention is to engage their imaginations.

Speechwriting: For the Evening With Women fundraiser to raise money for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, I had the opportunity to write for Renee Zellwegger, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, and Gina Gershon with Bruce Vilanch as my co-writer.

Web: I was part of the creative team that designed the first interactive banner for HP ... yes, I have been doing copywriting for that long. This won almost every major design award at the time. Other clients included Nike, Sony, and Intel.

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Web: A Manhattan based flower shop wanted to attract eyes to their site, so they wanted an engaging weekly blog to reach a new audience.

Direct Mailing: Another direct mailing I created to reach symphony programmers for a composer. Her tone poem was inspired by the 2008 financial crisis and wanted it to be "catchy" and "slightly irreverent".

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