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Rent Control

March 2020 - Produced at the Shelton Theater this is an original comedy about what it is to rent in San Francisco and what it takes to survive.

Christmas Carol 2: Scrooge Strikes Back

December 2019 - The long awaited sequel no one expected nor even wanted. This story begins after Scrooge's conversion only to discover his maniacal devotion now directed towards Christmas.  This quasi musical includes ghosts, waifs, a famous detective, and a pyschotherapist teaming up to stop the most nefarious Hum-Bugger of them all.

Hot Pockets

September 2019 - This short comedy piece was a finalist in the Short Lived Festival hosted by PianoFight at the A.C.T. Strand Theater.

Proof of Life

February 2018 - An original piece as part of the Passing Words project to share stories of those  facing incredible hardships to document their lives and challenges.

Flavor of Death: A Guy Fieri Mystery

March 2017 - Co-wrote this comedy/musical about the famed gastronome and his schemes to build his empire in an allegory about the 2016 election.

The Hope Gene

August 2015 - Produced at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this piece is an original comedy/musical about a solo musician's life and the challenges of raising a child while trying to build a career in music. 

Gus Loomis: A Habit Of Quitting

November 2016 - An original comedy/musical about one man's journey through an incredible musical career. Includes the hit singles "Don't Ask Don't Tell", "Funk the Jam", and "I Am Inside You".

The Lady McBeth of Martinez

March 2013 - Based on the novel The Lady McBeth of Mtsensk, this piece was produced as a site specific piece within an art gallery using the art work as inspiration.

Law and Order: San Francisco Unit: The Musical

2011 - Co-wrote this original comedy using the characters you love, the familiar stories ripped from today's headlines, and put them to music in this not so by the numbers procedural comedy.

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